Mostar – Worth a Full Day

Mostar – worth a visit – for culture, architecture, food, antiquities and history, its a different side of Europe. It is a story book town, a modern one that started long time ago, a story that has two ends which makes it even more interesting – The influence of Serbia (Orthodox) and influence of Turkey (Islam) and torn apart during the Yugoslav War but yet trying to keep that fabric intact with all aspects.

We started from Dubrovnik Croatia early morning, self-driving, and reached Mostar towards the middle of the morning.

Mostar Bazar
Stari Most Mostar Arch Bridge Bazar Artisan Shops

We spent one full day in Mostar, including spending a night there, as we were heading further north to Sarajevo the next day.  The drive to Mostar from Dubrovnik is beautiful along the fertile plains of Herzegovina with lots of antique shops, seafood Rostilja (grill) and fresh fruit orchards by the road side.

Everything to see in Mostar is in one place, right near the Stari Most (the arch bridge) – artisan shops, antique shops and the Mehmed-Pasha Mosque. Climb onto Mehmed-Pasha Mosque, all the way on the top to get the best pictures of the Nerevta River and the arch bridge.

mehmed pasha bridge view mostar
Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque Minaret Stari Most Mostar Arch Bridge

There are also restaurants and hotels close to the bridge serving amazing Bosnian foods and rooms with the bridge views; although we stayed in the new part of the town that had ample and secured car parking. The road signs in the town are confusing so make sure you have proper map and stop to get proper directions; we spent 40 mins finding our hotel in such a small town – couldn’t figure out which one to believe – the paper map, the signs on the road or the human navigator inside the car, all three had opinions, not directions.

stari most mostar arch bridge

Stari Most Arch Bridge

Top Things to See in Mostar

  1. Stari Most (The Arched Bridge)
  2. Picture of Stari Most from the top floor of Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque minaret
  3. Shops around the bridge and along Nerevta river
  4. Walk around the rest of the town to see the effect of Yugoslavian War and find how Islam and Christianity are influencing the town

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