A very small British territory, on the southern tip of Spain that was and one of the icons of navigation during ancient times up until Napoleonic war. My quest was to visit this geographical landmark that was so helpful to maritime navigation since ages – also, it is the only place in Europe where there are monkeys plus recently a cave was found in Gibraltar depicting Neanderthal artwork – Gortham’s Cave.


While in Seville Spain, we took a full day trip to Gibraltar and it was well worth it – Its about 3 hours drive including time at the border checkpoint. Going back into Spain will take longer at the checkpoint. There are some nice fish and chips places to eat, very typical British. There is no way for tourists to get on the actual Rock of Gibraltar, but there is another vantage point that is frequented by tourists using a gondola (cable car). From top of the mountain you can see Africa (Morocco) and be aware of monkeys, they will grab anything that smells.

Driving around Gibraltar coast line also provides some amazing scenic view and beaches. Gortham’s cave is not open to public and it is not easily accessible as well, but I was able to see the entrance to the cave from Europa point.

In all I would highly recommend to visit Gibraltar if you have an extra day in southern Spain.