Boquete – A banquet amid the highlands of Panama

Panama, the only country I have been to that has everything - Ultra modern skyline, dense jungles, beaches, global trade, multi culture, deep rooted tribes and bad local food. Panama does not have a good local food scene, except fresh grilled fish with lime at few little coastal towns. Food was not the reason I … Continue reading Boquete – A banquet amid the highlands of Panama

Island Hopping in Okavango

Remoteness, conservation and wilderness are 3 elements that defines Okavango Delta visit. It is extremely remote, lodges are severely conservation conscious and experiences are unfathomably wild; filled with encounters that you will never get anywhere in any organized African Safari. There is a difference between staying "By Okavango Delta" vs "In Okavango Delta" and I … Continue reading Island Hopping in Okavango

10 Days Self-Exploring Patagonia

Driving in Patagonia on Ruta 40 with hiking, wild life, food and landscape

Should Tarangire Be Part Of African Safari?

Tarangire is a small independent and detached national park system in the central plains of Tanzania in Manyara Region of northern Serengeti migration circuit; about 3 hour drive from Ngorongoro crater and 4 hours from Serengeti's southern entrance of Nabi Hill gate. It is famous for elephants, but there is more to Tarangire than elephants and … Continue reading Should Tarangire Be Part Of African Safari?