Southern Spain, the region of Andalusia with Seville as it’s capital is one of the semi-arid regions of Spain with lots of history. We flew into Seville after spending couple of days in Barcelona, wish we had spent a day more in Barcelona though…but glad we had 4 full days in Seville region as there is a lot to see and explore.

Transportation in Seville

The best way to see Seville is walking (or cycling). Get a map and walk. They also have a good network of buses for long distance connections, but otherwise, walk the town. Daily get dropped at Plaza de Armas if you are staying outside of the old town and walk from there.

Transportation around Seville

But, the best way to see southern Spain region, outside of Seville, is by renting a car and driving the A-4 (aka. E-5) corridor, from Cordoba to Cadiz and beyond. The roads are easy, beautiful and there are unlimited amount of places you can visit. Stop anywhere to take pictures, stop anywhere to eat especially at road-side vendors. Lots of good food, lots of culture and lots of historic places. We also included Gibraltar in our itinerary and were able to take our car there.

You can also include Tangier & Marrakesh in Morocco by adding 2-3 days to your time in Seville. There is also a day trip to Tangier organized by some travel agencies in Seville. But, I believe that Morocco should be it’s own trip by itself that should include drives across Atlas mountains and staying with Berber people.

The Route and Places

The best way to see southern Spain is by driving and grinding the roads and towns on them. We spent 3 days going up and down the A-4 corridor. First day we did

Southern Spain A-4 (E-5) Route- Seville, Carmona, Cordoba, Cardiz and Gibraltar

Base at 1 Seville

Should be the base in southern Spain, where ever you go for day trips, come back to Seville. Spend 1-2 days walking around Seville. You can search ‘Top 10 Places’ to visit in Seville at all different websites, but make sure you do the following while in Seville.

Do-1. Stay in the Old-Town

Do-2. Tapas, Jamon Iberico & Serranito Sandwich

Do-3. Walk in the night around the Plaza de Espana

Stop-2 Carmona

Quaint little town, with amazing little restaurants (especially Tapas) and market. Walk around the entire town in about 2 hours, great place to take pictures.

Stop-3 Road to Cordoba

The road A-4(E-5) is dazzled with Sunflower fields, endless. Stop at every place you get to step out of the car and take pictures.

  1. Cordoba
  2. Cardiz

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