Fjords, monasteries on cliffs and islands, castles and walled city limits, primitive cave paintings on the way, walled mountain ranges and proximity to Dubrovnik were the reasons why we spent an entire day in this Montenegro.

The drive from Dubrovnik to Kotor is amazing, about 2 hours straight if there are no stops, but you shall stop while crossing the southern Dinaric Alps with a mixture of Adriatic sea to it’s minimum between the mountains, as if Milford Sound of New Zealand is playing tricks in Europe, very picturesque. I highly recommend to drive this by your own, because you will want to stop at every opportunity and every curve, due to – fruit vendors, amazing views or little towns you may pass through.


Left Dubrovnik early in the morning and immediately stopped at a road side bakery – Prerada – fresh baked pastries and croissants, Preradas are all over Balkans – traveled parallel to the coast, mountains on the starboard side and ocean on the lee side. Reached Kotor by mid morning, spent the rest of the afternoon in Kotor and left for Dubrovnik early in the evening. Reached Dubrovnik by dinner time.

Montenegro_road_trip  Stop 1 – Herceg-Novi (Lipci Cave).

Unlike in Gibraltar, this prehistoric cave is accessible to public, although there was no noticeable cave art or any prehistoric carvings to be seen through untrained eyes. It is a 20 mins hike to this place and it is near Herceg-Novi. If you are in a hurry to reach Kotor then skip this place. But do stop by at various food vendors sellng fresh clams near Herceg-Novi.

Stop 2 – Kotor

Hills like the Great Wall of China, walled on the slopes of mountains – were used to protect during the onslaught of  Byzantines, Venetians and Ottomans – there are monasteries secluded among these mountains – few are accessible to public – there is also a superb Orthodox church on an island right before Kotor – The city is also completely fortified and the town has amazing architecture and restaurants. A must place to visit while in Dubrovnik.