Bosnia and Herzegovina

Lying within the eastern reaches of beautiful Dinaric Alps, with post Yugoslavian disintegration effects with in it’s culture and abundance of war history accounting from Ottoman vs. Austro Hungarians, World War I and the Balkan War; that is still unexplored by tourists in mass, gave us an inspiration to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnia has lot of culture and history – food that integrates Turkish and Western European – people that follow numerous religions – contemporary edifice that places itself right in the middle of 18th century monuments. Lots of antiques from Austo Hungarians to World War II.

We started our Bosnian road trip from the south east, from Dubrovnik in Croatia and, ended by entering Croatia towards Zagreb. It was beautiful, inspiring and heart warming.


The roads are very safe, very well marked and you wont need a GPS. Every road sign is in English and everyone can communicate in English. There is also a wonderful train journey from Mostar to Sarajevo, but nothing can beat a self drive car across the mountains.


Stop 1 – Mostar

Very integrated town, beautiful view of the famous bridge from the top of the minaret of the mosque. A must place to visit if you are in Dubrovnik. Good place also to shop for typical Bosnian handicraft goods.

We stayed here for 1 night and it was very well worth it. The night time added more beauty to this town.

Stop 2 – Sarajevo

Once a host to winter Olympics, now a city trying to get back on it’s feet, but very historic, we stayed here for 3 full days – walked the entire town – Top things to do in Sarajevo – War History Museum, Genocide museum, Assassination location of King Ferdinand and the beginning of World War I, old bazaar (Bascarsija), oldest Jewish Synagogue, Svrzo’s House and last but not the least – Lukomir.

The final day we left Sarajevo with immense gratitude and memories towards Zagreb Croatia as our final destination.